Tactical fitness and being prepared

Welcome to my blog! My aim is simply to log any training or activities related to being prepared, i.e. increasing my chances of survival during a threat of some sort. One could consider me as a “prepper” I guess, except I am not interested in storing a years worth of food or buying weapons and equipment for all my money. Instead, I am more focused on being fit enough and gaining knowledge to handle most situations (e.g. medical skills, survival, mechanics etc.). Of course equipment is essential too and I got my share of stuff already, but all in all I rather practice land navigation for a few hours in the forest than bulking up ammo and buying stuff on the internet..

I am not an expert nor a skilled survivalist, but I am motivated and have a plan of developing adequate fitness and a necessary skill set. My blog will be a documentation of how well/bad this journey is developing. Any comments, tips or feedback is highly valued; I think the best is to learn from others that already got experience.

Lastly, I am 30+, living in Sweden and work within the IT-security domain. 

Best regards


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