Week 51 #tacfit

In Sweden we often relate time to which week a certain date is in, e.g. at the moment we are in the 52nd week of the year, and on Monday 2nd January  week 1 begins. Anyhow, I decided to log my training weekly, thus referring each post to which week has passed.



Evening run, slow pace and I felt a bit weak. ~7 km in 38 min.




Evening session, running ~7 km in 38 min. Stretching and easy bodyweight strength:

  • Push-ups: 15,15
  • Situps: 15,15,15




Morning session at the gym, about 30 min. only. Felt a bit weak:

  • Bench press: 6×50, 6×70, 6×80, 4×90
  • Push-ups: 10,10,10,10
  • Hyperextensions: 15,15

Later at night a quick rucking session (~10 kg in the backpack), 10,6 km in exactly 2 hrs.




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