Vehicle emergency kit

I bought a new car back in 2015 and I had a moment when I actually tried to compose a basic vehicle emergency kit. Today, about 1.5 years later I revisited my kit and updated a few things. Since I live in Sweden where we may have quite harsh winters (especially where I live) the need for good equipment is relative high. So far I have not used anything from my kit in an emergency situation, but a handful of times a few things were used when someone had to borrow a tool or I forgot matches before going on a hike.

Now, as for today my current kit is as follows:


  • 1 blanket
  • 2 pair of warm socks
  • 2 pair of gloves
  • 2 caps
  • 2 rain ponchos
  • 2 reflexion vests
  • 1 pack of batteries
  • Silver tape
  • Electrical tape
  • 1 waterproof minibox
  • 1 pack of matches (10 packs)
  • 1 pack of lighters (3 BIC)
  • 1 pack of napkins (10 packs)
  • 2 pair of straps

Above items are packed into a smaller bag as seen to the right in the picture. The bag is nothing special but it has backpack straps in case I need to leave the vehicle and take some stuff with me.

Except for the bag I also have following items:


  • Toolbox with some basic tools
  • Jumper cables
  • Towing rope
  • Showel, 2-part
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Small tarp (2×2 meters)
  • Lug wrench
  • First aid kit (came with the car)
  • Compressor and tire fixing kit (came with the car)
  • Flashlight

I am aware that I need to complement with a few things and I have quite some space left (I’m using the compartment under the trunk). My top priority is to get following items:

  • Small water- and carbohydrate supply
  • Clothing for my baby daughter
  • Extended first aid kit

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions for improvement please make a comment, I would love to hear what other people have in their vehicles and why. Also, has anyone tried to survive with their kit? I’m thinking of taking a 24 hrs or something like that and test my kit, e.g. stop in the middle of the woods in the winter and see how it goes.


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