Week 52 #tacfit

Another week of training. I am still a bit careful of not overdoing it since I have tendencies of doing 8-9 sessions a week for a while and then collapse my immune system totally which results in 1-2 weeks of being sick. My aim for now is to do either a session every second day, or maximum 2-3 days in a row if each session is not too hard. Anyway, this week I had the opportunity to start doing “vattenfys” again, i.e. water training, or perhaps I should call it “adjustment to water”-training. If possible I will try to do mixed swimming, underwater swimming, diving and some assorted water training at least once a week. The purpose is to get the feeling of being completely comfortable in water, getting better at swimming and learn to relax under water.



Morning session in the pool:

  • 250 m. swimming
  • 10 min. underwater swimming exercises
  • 5 min. diving exercises (down to bottom of pool and up)
  • 2×25 m. crawl intervals



Spent a day with my family at my BOL where I have some gym equipment. A shorter session of crossfit-inspired training:

  • 5×5 military press 40 kg
  • 5×5 strict pull-ups
  • 50 reps of “plate to ground then up over head” with 15 kg plate

All reps as fast as possible with short/no rest in between. Felt really weak today..



Evening run on treadmill. Actually felt strong during this session. 12 km, 62:33 min.


black-swim-20 hiking

Another “vattenfys” session, early in the morning:

  • 500 m. swimming
  • 10 min. underwater swimming and relax exercises (did 25 m. under water swim!)
  • 5 min. diving exercises (down to bottom of pool)

About 8 a clock in the evening me and a friend went out for a shorter hike in the woods and marsched almost 1 hour in the terrain before setting up a fire. We stayed overnight only using sleeping bags then headed back to civilisation before lunch thus another hour of marsching. My backpack weighted ~10 kg.



rowing weight-transp

Rowing (Concept 2 machine) 3 km, 12:15 min. I felt a bit sick afterwards but managed to do some easy strength training:

  • Hyperextensions: 15,15,15
  • Situps (75 degree incline bench): 10,10,10,10,10
  • Pull-ups: 6,6,6

Definitely need to do more rowing, especially fast and short. Perhaps some intervals in the near future..


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