Land navigation #1

I took my family out in the woods for a shorter land navigation session. As I see it we will develop our navigation skills in three areas:

  • map + compass (knowing where you are from start)
  • map + compass (not knowing where you are)
  • only using nature and stars to navigate

Today we just drilled reading the compass and taking compass directions. We used the Silva 1-2-3 system: SILVA 1-2-3 which I have used a few times earlier. I like that system since it is so simple.


At the moment I feel pretty confident taking direction and navigate using map and compass, but on the other hand I still feel that I need to do more, especially optimizing routes and read the terrain better.

We did our navigation not using any tracks, just hiking around in the terrain. The snow came yesterday but we were still able to walk (as seen above) and the outside temperature was -2 degrees.

Fortunately it gets dark quite early in Sweden at this time of year, so doing night navigation is no problem for a few more months (i.e. not having to go out at midnight to get some darkness). Anyway, any suggestions of navigation exercises or tips in general is appreciated.



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