Fire #1

It was a beautiful morning today so I decided to hike out in the woods and practice / testing some fire making skills. Nothing special but I aimed for “one match – one fire”, I was also curious about using frozen wood and tinder (it was about -5 degrees outside and we had -20 for the previous two days). I hiked straight into an area where I soon found a place with a lot of birch trees.


I gathered enough tinder and small branches as necessary and then started making fire. I learned that even if the tinder and parts of the smaller branches were dead frozen it still worked excellent to fire it up. I used as base the very thin part of the birch bark which was dry, but after lighting it I put on all the frozen stuff without any problem.


I do feel pretty confident in my fire making skills, but I have not tested too much of this in sub zero and / or wet environments. I will investigate the proportions between dry and wet material that can be used when making fire later on.


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