Emergency food

Today I received a package with assorted emergency food and “wet-pouches”, i.e. a pouch with cooked food which you can heat up by either put it in a pot of warm water or even easier, use a heating bag (the ones you pour water into and a chemical reaction occurs which boils the water). Click here and here to check out a “wet-pouch”.

My plan is to have 2 meals of wet-pouches in my vehicle emergency kit + one NRG-5 package. Another two meals + NRG-5 package goes into my up-coming BOB or emergency bag but also some long-term storage water (5×100 ml).

All stuff was ordered from Överlevnadsbutiken which is a Swedish survival/prepper site.


For the next 2-3 weeks I have a lot of things to do work- and family-wise, but after that I will try to find some time to test and evaluate some of the food (and if I’m satisfied then make another order including more packages for my whole family).

Hopefully I will find time to actually test the food in a more “tactical” sense, e.g. get out in the wild for a day or two and try to get as exhausted as possible, then test my body’s reaction to just eating an emergency food ration or similar. Well, one can hope, but we’ll see if I actually manage to do such experiment soon…


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