Situational awareness

Due to a soar throat and no training for a few days I had time to read up on the subject “situational awareness” which is, as I understand it, the concept of being aware of your surroundings both spatially and mentally. Not only should one be aware of what people are around you, where the exits are and so forth, but also read people’s behaviour, talk and appearance.  I started off by reading three articles:

Now, I just want to point out that I am a very sceptical person in general. I have been dealing/working with mathematics for the last 10 years which for me results in that I have difficulties taking things for “facts” if they are not proven and I do perform research activities every now and then which means I am particularly picky with getting things correct. Therefore I do not suggest that any of the articles above are complete truth but they made me at least starting to think about “awareness”.

Since I read these articles I have started to reflect what I have actually seen and experienced during the day, e.g. what people did I notice in a certain area I visited during the day, what color of the clothes, was there any left-handed people on the morning meeting etc. I noticed that it differs a lot: sometimes I do not pick up a shit (or have a lousy memory..), and sometimes I seem to register quite detailed information. Mostly when it comes to people I tend to remember and register things, but for buildings and exits not so much.


Above picture is taken from the third article and the suggestion is that one should always be in condition yellow: not too relaxed but not to suspicious either. The answer on how to do that well remains, but I guess it get better by training and experience.

I noticed that if I start to register something out of the ordinary I really go into tunnel-mode and focus on that anomaly only, like condition red almost. As one of the articles stated one should in such case also take in the surroundings and the environment around in order to increase the awareness. I really need to test this, but the question is can I do it without making it artificial? I need to experience something odd without explicitly thinking beforehand that I must increase awareness when the anomaly happens.. Anyway, these are my thoughts on the subject and I will definitely try to increase my overall awareness as much as possible.


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