Week 2 #tacfit



Another fast paced run on treadmill. My mind really wanted to run but my body was completely exhausted even before getting to the gym, perhaps due to the first day at work after 2 weeks of vacation. Anyway, it felt good up to 5 km then my legs started to get heavy. 7 km, 30:38 min.


After my run I tried a max on strict pull-ups (since it was just one set I will not log it as a separate strength session):

  • Pull-ups: 14

I was a bit surprised I managed to do 14 pull-ups, but it felt quite good.



I took 2 days off since last session due to feeling a bit uncomfortable in my throat. But since it never developed into a cold (yet) I decided to do some body weight training. With short rest in-between:

  • Push-ups: 15,15,15,15,15
  • Sit-ups: 15,15,15,15,15
  • Squats: 40,40,40,40
  • Reversed leg-raises: 20,20,20,20
  • Chin-ups: 6,6,6,6

My core is a complete disaster; I’m actually getting tired and get lactic acid after 2 sets of 15 reps of regular sit-ups.. This is a weakness I seriously need to take care of. I do hate core-training in any form but I need to find a way to motivate myself doing more of this: sit-ups, plank, crunches and whatever stimulates my abs.



It seems like yesterday’s strength session cured my soar throat so I had a long run this evening. It felt really good, even tough I was running in complete darkness along the asphalt roads and large portions of the surface was ice (between -1 and 0 degrees tonight). I started of really slow, then increased the pace after 5-6 km. In total: 14,02 km in 79:11 min.



After lunch I did some heavy lifting. Finally, after 2 months of no deadlifting I begun lifting again, and oh my this will hurt tomorrow.. I was a bit surprised I actually had relatively good power today, actually not bad at all:

  • Bench press: 4×50, 4×60, 4×70, 4×80, 2×90, 2×95, 2×97.5
  • Deadlift: 2×50, 2×90, 2×120, 2×150, 2×160

Tonight a decided to go for a rowing session (concept 2 rowing machine) as well since I had no opportunity do any swimming this week. What the h*ll!? I managed to do a better 7k row when “taking it easy” than running a fast paced 7k on treadmill! Really need to shape up my running now..   7 km, 30:19 min.



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