Endurance test

Today I performed a rucking endurance test. Below is my brief report of how things went.



Investigate my physical and mental reactions to an overloaded rucking session to give a reference for an initial bug out scenario where the pace might be high and there is no time for rest (perhaps the first hours or first day, then after leaving the city the pace would most likely decrease and there would be time for recovery). So this would be a simulation of the first hours of bugging out when short of time hence no food or snacks, just 0.5 litres of water and a backpack.


Walking fast 30 km with 10 kg backpack without stopping for rest.


I started out pretty good: no blisters, no pain and no back problems after the first 2.5 hours. Then my hunger came, and short after my legs and knees started to get stiff. No blisters at this stage but my feet started to get wet. After 3.5 hours my hunger was ok but my feet started to pain, mostly the toes. The most painful part was probably the last 40-45 minutes because then my legs, hip and feet were both stiff and sensitive to pressure. Also, when arriving back home I had only done 28 km so I had to circulate the area for another 2 km: this was mentally a disaster!

After 5 hours I think I reached the point where I would have continued only due to serious motivation; another 10 km would probably work but that would have been quite a hell. I had a pretty fast pace and actually increased during the last 10 km, but after 4 hours or so my body started to get bad really fast.


I need to do more work with a heavier backpack since 10 kg now is too light. Either increase the distance even more or add 5 kg and do a few shorter 2-3 hour hikes. I also need to harden my feet a bit to increase the time before it gets uncomfortable, but I guess that comes with time regardless of what I do as long as I continue my rucking sessions.

Worst part was stiffness in knees and legs, best part was that my back was fine. Now a few hours after the session I feel pretty good but it aches a little in my legs and under my feet, but nothing serious.


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