Week 3 #tacfit



Easy run, not too slow to be a jog but not fast enough to be an exhausting run. I was a bit tired so I decided to just make a comfortable run: 7km, 36:40 min.

After running some body weight training, short rest in-between sets:

  • pull-ups: 7,7,7,5
  • push-ups: 14,14,14,10



I will collect cross-country skiing, roller skiing and skierg skiing machine under same symbol. Today I found out that my local gym bought 2 skierg machines so I had to do a session: 10 km, 48:08 min. Heart rate was ok but triceps crushed..


black-swim-20 hiking

Finally a session of “vattenfys”. 45 minutes of assorted exercises, mostly under water stuff:

  • 200 m. warm up swim
  • 15 minutes of under water swim (2 x 25 m. underwater “comfortable”)
  • 15 minutes of diving and rescue-doll-from-bottom-exercise

I can conclude that 25 m. uw-swim is now not a problem, with or without distractions (today there were a lot of kids and swimmers all around the place). Holding my breath without activity is next step to work with, I can easily do 40 sec. now but 1 minute and above should not be a problem if I just focus on that in a session.

In the afternoon I did a rucking session: 30 km in 5:06 hours, read more about it here!




Afternoon gym session:

  • Bench press: 5×50, 5×60, 5×70, 5×80, 6×90
  • OHP 40 kg: 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
  • Pull-ups: 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5

I did OHP and pull-ups every other time with no rest in-between (5 OHP, 5 pull-ups, 5 OHP and so on..), so this was sort of a crossfit wod or something. Felt a bit sick after last set.


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