Gear review #1: Esbit pocket stove

I bought a couple of Esbit’s pocket stoves: one for my upcoming bug out bag and one for my car kit. I took the one I have in my car and field-tested it two weekends in a row now. My impressions are that the stove itself is really neat: sort of light weight, easy to use (just put a tablet and light it up), and has the nice feature of adjusting the width.


As seen in above picture there is a place to put tablets which are easy to light and burns for about 7 minutes. I timed it twice (in below 0 degrees outside) and both times it burnt for 7 minutes.

The Esbit pocket stove cannot replace a real hiking stove but it works quite well for just a quick heating. For the price (I payed 60 SEK for a pocket stove and 60 SEK for an extra packet of tablets) I think its reasonable. Also, since this is more of a survival stove for me where I will use this in case my “real” hiking stove malfunctions, I do not demand much more from it.


I tried to boil a cup of water (0.3 litre) in my Primus aluminum cup. It took all 7 minutes from one tablet to do so. I did not have anything to put on top of the cup, thus the time would most likely decrease if doing so.

I suppose I should try to light a tablet and then continue fuel the fire with small branches as such to see how that works.

All in all: not too expensive, OK weight, OK performance for quick heating, not for long term usage.


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