Week 4 #tacfit


rowing  skiing

In order to let my legs recover a bit more from last weekend’s rucking I decided to do some upper-body endurance. I came up with the idea of a homemade bi/skiathlon at the gym, i.e. 7 km rowing + 7 km skierg skiing. It felt really horrible after doing the rowing and jump on the ski-machine, but after a few km I just decoupled my mind and let my body work. In total 64 min. (active 63:36 min + 24 seconds for switching machine and take photos).

I am rather surprised that I rowed 7 km under 30 min. I do not even run that fast.. Need to max my 7 km run quite soon.



Wow! I actually tried a max 10 km run tonight; on treadmill but still, I managed to go through such mentally (and physically) obstacle. It felt quite “good” from time to time but after 8 km it just sucked.. Anyway, 10 km in 44:31 min. and I am very satisfied.




Easy hiking with a friend, not sure about the exact distance but around  8-9 km in total, 15 kg backpack. Felt easy but it was a bit cold.


black-swim-20  weight-transp

No actual swimming, only diving and underwater exercises. 30 min. of:

  • under water swim, up to 30 m. short rest
  • down to bottom and up, one breath of air then down again, until it felt really uncomfortable

Gym session before dinner, felt a bit tired and weak:

  • Bench press: 4×60, 4×70, 4×80, 6×90
  • Push-ups (feet on bench): 15,15,15
  • Pull-ups: 10,10,10
  • 15 kg plate to floor and above head 50 reps

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