Fire #2

Last weekend me and a friend went out to investigate the properties of different branches, tinder and wood types in relation to the degree of wetness. All fire was lit using fire steel (my friend had an old Bear Grylls knife with integrated fire steel which we used).


All tinder worked out well (birch and very small branches crushed into “balls” of tinder). Even if the birch was a bit wet it still lit quite easy. But next, when getting the tinder to burn it was much harder to get even the least wet branches to fire up. The outside temperature was just below zero and the day before it had rained, so all wood was quite damp and moist. Anyway, completely soaked/frozen branches did not work but “slightly” wet material was OK, at least if the tinder ball was quite big.


I also used my new Primus cup and got some heated water from the fires we made. It got black very fast but most of it could be washed away afterwards.

Well, not really a serious experiment but it was a nice day out in the woods and playing around with fire is always fun 🙂


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