Gear review #2: Suunto X-Lander Military

I bought a Suunto X-Lander Military (official site here) 4-5 years ago after some extensive research on durable, hardcore outdoor watches, preferably for military applications. My analysis was that it should rather be robust than having a lot of functions.

I have decided that I will no longer go with Suunto due to 3(!) broken straps during these 4-5 years and a significant  damage on the watch house.


I do like the Suunto X-Lander Military despite the lack of robustness (note that I have definitely not exposed my watch for extensive force whatsoever) because it has been a good companion out in the woods and during running sessions. Also, the night light is really nice since it is very discrete. But if a watch needs 3 strap exchanges and it wears out in just a handful of years it is not a watch for me. What I need now is a watch with following functions:

  • water proof (at least so one can go under water down to 10-20 m.)
  • night light
  • timers, alarm and multiple clocks
  • termometer

Now, I really need a new watch and I am looking into Casio’s G-Shock series. I am still doing some research but as for now I will probably go for a G-Shock. If you have any experience or suggestions for any other brands, please give me a comment.


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