Week 6 #tacfit



Finally, after 10 days of rest and illness I managed to get on track again. Not my best session ever, but not the worst either. I took it easy which I plan to do for the rest of the week just in case.

Running 8 km, 43:00 min.

  • Pullups: 10,10,10
  • Dips: 6,6,6
  • Bicepscurl (assorted weights): 10,10,10



5 km rowing, 20:37 min. I should be able to go sub 20 min here (decided to max 5 k after I already done 2.5 km).


Afterwards some easier strength:

  • Hyperextensions: 15,15,15
  • Air squats: 30
  • Shoulder raises 7kg: 10,10,10



Fartlek, felt really good! Even tough I have been feeling tired and a bit soar in my throat last couple of days I decided to go running anyway. After a few kilometers it just felt good so I kept going and threw in a fast pace intervall every now and then.

10 km, 47:19 min.


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