Knots #1

Since I have not been able to do as much training as I would like to recently, I took the opportunity to go outside at least and do something related to personal development. A couple of days ago I went out in the woods and practiced knots. My first knot was a tarp knot. Another source of information I used was the ITS: knots of the week


Above picture is from the tarp knot practice. The knot to the far right is adjustable so one can tighten up the tarp if needed. I now know a handful of knots and have been practice in such extent that I think I can do them in most situations. Next step is to learn a few more advanced ones, perhaps some climbing-related knots. At the moment my aim is to at least know 2 different type of knots for following situations:

  • tarp setup
  • combine two ropes
  • secure objects, e.g. fasten an object to another object
  • secure rope to a tree
  • climbing rope knots

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