Week 8 #tacfit

Alright, hopefully I am back on track again..



Long run today, both flat asphalt but also around 6 km very hilly terrain. If felt OK, but heavy as in my body felt like 100 kg.. 12 km, 67:50 min.



Finally som gym! It feels like it was ages ago.. Did a short session but it felt good and I think my strength has not been affected too much from the past 3 terrible weeks:

  • Inclined dumbbell bench press: 6×14, 6×18, 6×22, 6×26, 6×30, 6×34
  • Pull-ups: 10,10,10



Had a longer session on the treadmill: 14 km, 74:06 min. I intended to do more but my stomach started to fail so I had to stop (and go immediately to the bathroom..). Felt somewhat OK, even though my lunch was 3 hot dogs and 3 cinnamon buns.



A whole weekend of eating hot dogs and cookies. Did my first proper gym session for a while:

  • Bench press: 6×50, 6×60, 6×70, 6×80, 6×90 (easy!)
  • Deadlift: 2×60, 2×100, 2×130, 2×160
  • Pull-ups: 12,12,12

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