Week 10 #tacfit



Slightly different approach this week. Strength:

  • Push-ups: 20,15,10
  • Chins: 6,6,6

Late evening run, felt terrible. 5 km in 26:21 min.



Had a day of dehydration yesterday with head ache, but today I felt fine. Another short strength session:

  • Push-ups: 20,15,10,10
  • Chins: 7,7,7

Very late evening run, started first 1 km in 5:35 then fast pace (and high pulse). 5 km, 24:19 min.



Only push-ups today but it felt really good: 25,20,15,10

In-doors running today and it felt a bit heavy, my current body weight is 90 kg and it really is a sensation of that when running. I wanted to do 12 km under an hour without feeling totally wasted and it went somewhat OK:  12 km, 58:08 min.




First heavy gym session in a while, my beloved bench press and dead lifts. It feels like the bench press is going in right direction even though very limited frequency. Since I most of the times lift by myself it is hard to have a reliable assist, thus maxing out and lifting 1 RM will not happen often. I think I need to fix that soon in order to develop more. Regarding the dead lifts I still do RAW lifts but I might start using belt soon to lift heavier I think.

  • Bench press: 5×50, 5×60, 5×80, 7×90
  • Deadlift: 2×60, 2×100, 1×140, 1×150, 1×160, 1×170

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