Week 11 #tacfit



Long run tonight! I felt tired and not really motivated, but after running a few k’s it suddenly felt really good. I forced myself to keep on a slow pace and not rush, just to make sure the run would be long. I actually felt strong as hell after 20 km except my knees started to hurt, thus not continuing. I ran on a completely flat gravel/asphalt walkway, 20 km in 1:52:46 h:




Morning strength session:

  • push-ups: 20,20,20,15
  • chins: 5,5,5,5

Evening run, indoors. Did warmup jog, 5×800 m. intervals (4:00 min/km pace) with walking rest, then 7-800 m. cool down jog. In total: 7 km, 37:17 min.


rowing weight-transp

Wanted to save my legs / knees a bit so I did 7 km rowing. It felt good but it was a hard session, last kilometer was uncomfortable. 7 km, 29:24 min.

After rowing some easy strength:

  • Abs-machine (50 kg resistance): 12,12,12
  • Push-ups (feet on top of 15 cm box): 15,15,15



Easy evening jog, a bit exhausted from yesterday’s lack of sleep: 5 km, 27:39 min.


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