Week 14 #tacfit



Had 5 days of travel (not particularly healthy food and lack of sleep), but finally back home and getting into training again. Did 7.5 km run on treadmill, 37:18 min. where last 500 m. was down jog (7 km in 34:16 min.), felt OK despite 90 kg body weight. Right after some strength:

  • Pull-ups: 10,8,6,4,2
  • Bicepcurls: 8×30, 8×30, 8×30
  • Tricep pushdown: 15×25, 15×25, 15×25



A proper gym session in while:

  • Bench press: 6×50, 6×70, 2×80, 2×90, 3×100 (wow!)
  • Deadlift: 2×60, 2×90, 2×120, 2×150
  • Bicepcurls dumbell: 10×12.5, 10×15, 10×15



I did a max 5 km outside, mostly gravel surface, flat. I think I did it too fast in the beginning because I had no speed left after 4 km. Need to get better tactics on this distance. Anyway, it felt terrible the whole run, it might be my allergy (this time of year) that slightly have started but I am not sure. 5 km, 21:47 min.

Here is a graph showing my decreasing speed during the run:



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